Improving Productivity Through Quality

The TruColor Automatic Register System (TruRegister) is an optional upgrade for the TG 4000 Series inspection system. When incorporating the TruRegister System with the TG 4000 Series it is used for automatic register presetting in CI Flexo presses. Using special printed register targets with each job, coupled with a data communication link to the press, the TruRegister automatically sets the colors into the desired registration.

The special printed targets consists of three components, a master mark and two groups of color dots. The first group, consisting of up to 13 targets for a 12 color job (extra target allows measurement of any web stretch) in a single row, is used for the initial coarse register adjustment. The second group, up to 13 targets in a grid type pattern, are used for fine adjustment. The designation of the targets start with the Master Mark (crosshair).

Prior to press setup, the operator defines job parameters, including options between auto-assignment or manual assignment of color decks. Once the target marks are located the system automatically calculates the required register correction for all printing stations. The TruRegister system then corrects all printing stations using the data communication link to the press.



> Supports jobs up to 12 colors.
> Automatic camera position to register marks with continual auto tracking for web skew.
> Automatic camera positioning to the register marks.
> Operator adjustable offset correction via touch screen with automatic takeover of offset values.
> TruRegister can begin calculations after 1 printed repeat immediately after press start-up.
> Continuous monitoring of register
> Operator selectable register
> Operator manual override.
> Color definition of the targets
is not relevant if there is proper contrast.
> Interfaces to various machine communication protocols.


> Significant reduction in waste.
> Significant reduction in make- ready time during set-up.
> Improved print quality through consistent and smaller register tolerance. Notes:
> All dimensions are in millimeters.
> Letters correspond to circle colors printed.
>Circles must be printed as solid colors.
>The number of circles printed depends on the number of decks used in the job.


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