Improving Productivity Through Quality
TG 4000

> High quality, professional grade 3 CCD camera yielding 800 image lines of resolution for greater image quality and color fidelity
Precision 6:1 motorized zoom lens with +7 diopter. Maximum field of view 4" x 3" (101.6mm x 76.2mm), minimum field of view 0.6" x 0.4" (15.2mm x 10.1mm).
> 20'(6.1m) harness cable for camera
connections to electronic housing (custom lengths available).
> Industrial camera housing for harsh pressroom environments
> Dual super high intensity Xenon strobe assemblies with proprietary circuitry for optimum image lighting with enclosed shroud to protect against ambient light
Custom designed operator console
> All metal industrial grade electronics
housing. Static protected and grounded
> Auto ranging power supply 100/250V 60/50Hz with cooling fan
> Proprietary 24 bit frame grabber with a color palette of 16.7 million colors. Industrial style EPROM firmware
> Industrial grade PCI Bus, Windows NT operating system for open architecture, HD, CD ROM
> Full network capabilities to common PC networks (NetWare, Net Bios) to allow remote back-up, file sharing
> 17" High Resolution flat panel LCD image display monitor with directional tilt and rotation
> 17" High Resolution panel mount LCD color touch screen for system control
> Uninterrupted Power Source unit

> Three modes of operation: Run, Image Freeze, and Set-up. Set-up allows continuous strobe flash and image capture when press is idle
> Operator adjustable linear programmable AutoScan automatically steps through the repeat
> Quick touch image movement up or down the repeat via LCD touch screen for quickly locating repeat image
> MEGASCAN operator touch screen interface with simulated touch and see repeat technology. Snapshots of the entire print repeat are displayed on the LCD touch screen allowing operators to pinpoint
camera positioning faster than ever before. Includes zoom sensitive graphic camera position.
> Programmable Scan for inspection of critical areas of interest, insures complete, repeatable inspection of your web. Each individual positional camera location (X,Y) offers operator option of recalling different lens settings, split screen reference
image, image capture duration, or any of the optional auto monitoring software features.
> One Touch Fill Scan for 100% sequential inspection of the repeat, Fill Scan steps are automatically determined based on minimum zoom (largest filed of view) settings
> Job Save and Recall for storing and recalling 100's of print and inspection jobs for reducing set-up and changeover times
> Camera based “image stabilization" for electronically eliminating web movement while utilizing optional auto monitoring software features

> Multi-Mode Split Screen for master image storage and comparison (15 configurations including tile, mosaic, horizontal & vertical). Seamless split screen ratios are operator adjustable for detailed comparison. Camera lens settings and repeat position are automatically stored and recalled with each split screen image
> Variable, operator adjustable Update Rate (strobe flash frequency)
> Go Down Press speed indicator

Miscellaneous Standards
> Traverse of extruded aluminum with high speed motorized camera movement
> Encoder, zero speed magnetic prox- imity sensor or input signal from press
with 20' (6.1m) cable for connects to
electronic housing (custom lengths available) for press synchronization.
> Top of Form Reset Sensor
> Completely modular in design and fully upgradeable

Camera/Lens/Strobe Options
> Narrow (4" x 3", 101.6mm x 76.2mm), Mid (5" x 4", 127mm x 101.6mm) web compatible
> Expanded Field of View 8.5" x 6.5" (215.9mm x 165.1mm) with 10:1 zoom lens (larger shroud subject to press space)*.
> Backlighting for front to back register inspection on non-opaque substrates
> UV enhancing strobe lights for inspection of UV brightener containing over gloss, inks (larger shroud subject to press space)

> Automatic Color Inspection - monitors trends in color shifts/changes in user defined regions against pre-determined tolerances. Incorporates sophisticated CIELab color space algorithms yielding
inspection results in Delta E values. Includes automatic logging capabilities, with time and date stamp, for SPC or SQC retrieval and evaluation
> Automatic Bar Code Inspection - determines the grade of bar codes sampled through the run. Bar Codes printed in picket or latter orientations can be verified. Operator selectable out of spec tolerances from A to F can be set for all quality parameters including total grade (Rmin, Edge Contrast, Symbol Contrast, Modulation, Defects, Decodablity). Includes automatic logging capabilities, with time and date stamp, for SPC or SQC retrieval and evaluation. Complies with ANSI and CEN international standards.
> Supports UPC (A, E), EAN -13, EAN-8, symbologies
> Visual Alarm beacon alerts operator to out of spec condition
> UHMW white backup plates for inspection of clear films
> TruRegister automatic register control for fast register adjustments at start-up and during production run


> Reduced material waste
> Shorter set-up time, less downtime
> Increased press speeds
> Higher print quality, fewer customer rejects
> Increase in overall productivity

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