Improving Productivity Through Quality
Series 2000

> High quality, professional grade 3 CCD camera yielding 800 image lines of resolution for greater image quality and color fidelity
> Precision 6:1 motorized zoom lens with +7 diopter. Maximum field of view 4" x 3" (101.6mm x 76.2mm), minimum field of view 0.6" x 0.4" (15.2mm x 10.1mm).
> 20' (6.1m) harness cable for camera connections to electronic housing (custom lengths available).
> Operator control of lens adjustments (Iris, Focus, Zoom) made from hand-held remote
> Industrial camera housing for harsh pressroom environments
> Dual super high intensity Xenon strobe assemblies with proprietary circuitry for optimum image lighting. Integrated strobe shroud is 3 way adjustable to insure balance lighting

Electronic Housing
> All metal industrial grade
electronics housing. Static
protected and grounded with 6' (2.8) power connector.
> Auto ranging power supply 100/250V 60/50Hz with cooling fan
> Proprietary 24 bit frame grabber with a color palette of 16.7 million colors. Industrial style EPROM firmware
>"Plug and Play" connections for remote / second display monitor Lighted on/off power switch

> On screen display programming for advanced system operation and super fast gear count setting.
> Two modes of operation: Run and Set-up. Set-up allows continuous strobe flash and image capture when press is idle.
> Operator adjustable linear
Scan automatically steps through the repeat.
> Simple manual image movement up or down the repeat via hand held remote control for quickly locating repeat image.
> Multi-Mode Split Screen for master image storage and comparison (15 configurations including tile, mosaic, horizontal & vertical). Seamless split screen ratios are operator adjustable for detailed comparison. Touch button on/off recall of previously stored standard for instant master comparison.
> Unique crosshair feature for delimiting special areas of interest on the display monitor.
> Variable, operator adjustable Update Rate (strobe flash frequency).

Miscellaneous Standards
> Narrow, Mid and Wide web compatible
> Color Coded Icon based remote
control with tactical feel touch
buttons and on/off feature LED
indicators for total system control
17" non-interlaced color calibrated
SVGA display monitor


> Custom length lightweight extruded aluminum manually controlled traverse rail allows camera movement across web with pressure loaded bearing for instant positional lock-down. Includes slotted mounting bracket (dual mount over 24", 609mm).
> Zero speed magnetic proximity sensor with mounting bracket and 20' (6.1m) cable for connects to electronic housing (custom lengths available) for press synchronization.
> Completely modular in design and fully upgradeable.

Camera/Lens/Strobe Options
> Expanded Field of View 5" x 4" (127mm x 101.6mm) (larger shroud subject to press space).
> Expanded Field of View 8.5" x 6.5" (215.9mm x 165.1mm) with 10:1 zoom lens (larger shroud subject to press space)*.
> Automatic recall of lens (zoom, iris) settings at appropriate Simple Programmable Scan
position (only available with upgrade to SPS).
> 2 camera systems for simultaneous inspection of different web locations
(front & back or same surface).
> Backlighting for front to back register inspection on transparent and semi-opaque substrates.
> UV enhancing strobe lights for inspection of over gloss, inks containing UV brightener (larger shroud subject to press space).

Camera Position Options
> Fully motorized across web
positioning positioning
controlled by hand-held remote.
> 3 mode Automatic Constant Scan with electronic limit switches for continual inspection scan routines; across the web and then down or up the repeat, down or up the repeat and then across, or across the web width only. ACS patterns and re-calibration of varying web widths are operator configurable via the onscreen display.
> Simple Programmable Scan for inspection up to 12 critical areas of interest in 3 recallable banks of customized scan routines (total 36 positions).

> Larger or multiple display monitors.
> Panel or rack mount components.
> Air-cooled or explosion proof enclosures.
> Encoders, Intrinsically Safe barriers.
> Top of Form or Reset Sensors.
> UHMW white backup plates for inspection of clear films.

> Reduced material waste
> Shorter set-up time, less downtime
> Increased press speeds
> Higher print quality,
fewer customer rejects
> Increase in overall productivity


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