Improving Productivity Through Quality


Automatic Register (TruRegister) control feature added to new TG 4000 Series web inspection system, improving productivity through quality.

March 1, 2003 - With the introduction of the new and improved TG 4000 Series model automatic web inspection system TruColor Vision Systems, Inc. has added TruRegister, as an optional upgrade feature. When incorporating the TruRegister feature with the TG 4000 Series it is used for automatic register presetting in CI presses.

Using special printed register targets with each job, coupled with a data communication link to the press, the TruRegister automatically sets the colors into the desired registration.

TruRegister supports jobs up to 12 colors, automatically positions to register marks with continual auto tracking for web skew. TruRegister can begin calculations and corrections after 1 printed repeat.

TruColor Vision Systems, Inc. is a worldwide leading manufacture and supplier of machine vision based web inspection systems for the printing and converting industries. Since TruColor’s inception in 1991 the manufacturer has established a customer base in over 70 countries worldwide.

Jim Doerr
President & CEO

• Currently TruColor representation has grown to over 30 agencies or distributors worldwide
• TruColor customer base currently extends to 70+ countries

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